Contemplation of Mankind by Taylor Caldwell in ‘The Arm and the Darkness’

“What a foul monster was man, filled with viciousness, stupidity and evil, distracted by every slight wind, bloodthirsty and voracious ferocity, a creature justifiably hated by all more simple and honest animals, hating all things in return, even himself! A thousand thousand generations of enlightenment, a hundred Christs, would not serve to elevate this perverted demon to even the elemental decencies which lower animals understood instinctively. Where else in the universe was such craft, such wickedness, such cruelty, such obtuseness and dirtiness?The evil of men was of such a degradation that is could never aspire even to a kind of black grandeur.  Who could encompass the vileness of men, which was the vileness of inconceivable filth, by comparison with which the ordure of animals was sweet-scented?

…..the tyrants, the oppressors, the mass-murderers had clean hands. They were the helpless and fleshless emanations from the spirits of men. At the end, the genii invoked from the abysses of men’s souls destroyed them.”

Yes, if we bother to look and see it’s all around and always has been. Amen.

One sallied forth over the Cuckoo’s nest

Watching, listening and observing the goings on in our daily life one could easily get discouraged and depressed.  There is no need for this. We have to understand that this is just another natural cycle of events.

Civilisations come and go all the time. In the 4.5 billion year history of our planet how many  civilisations self-destructed or the planet and universe did it for them? Any one’s guess is as good as mine.

The bottom line here, boys and girls, is that we have allowed our evil, ugly, greedy and power/control hungry world rulers, banksters and huge corporations to bring us yet again to the brink.

Yes, someone could be standing on an orange crate in Hyde Park with a placard: ‘ The End is Nigh’ and people could walk by laughing and thinking: what a nut case.  The trouble is THE END IS IMMINENT.

The big boys have, to their ultimate undoing, forgotten to learn from history (that is known) as well as the occulted history known to the elites since they started digging around in Egypt. They forgot about the ancient mystery schools, the hermetic teachings and the golden ages of past civilisations.  Scientists are the new gods and dismiss out of hand anything which remotely smacks of the spiritual or esoteric. Orthodoxy will have nothing to do with ‘Atlantean’ myths.

There can be no doubt that our epoch has had it’s chance and we failed miserably. The big boys, the elites, the oligarchs will perish along with all other life. No underground bunkers or off planet settlements (to which they are luring naive people as workers) will save them. The harm they have caused, to the people as well as the planet,  the evil they have perpetrated, the genocides they have committed will follow them and retribution will be exacted. Our civilisations will flicker out as a candle and no more will be heard or seen from our insane people. The planet will re-coup and a few million years down the road another civilisation will emerge to try, try and try again. The next time, or the next maybe just maybe mankind will stand in the Truth, Justice, Compassion and Love.

Evil will never be triumphant. Never, ever.  This is what the elite world bleeders have forgotten. Their extinction will be much more painful than that of the slaves they abused.  They won’t be able to take their wealth with them into hell!


World Bleeders stand united for obscene and pornographic lampooning

So here we are again. Another terror attack. Are you afraid? Are you really, really afraid? If you are that is good. That is exactly what the World Bleeders want. But maybe, just maybe, you are not afraid. You know that no one is going to murder you in your sleep. You know this was just another false flag event staged for the ignorant and uninformed.

At this stage of the insanity of the World Bleeders it really makes no difference whatsoever who perpetrated the attack in Paris. Sufficient to know that it’s a staged play. They have orchestrated so many of these events now their play book is played out and the narrative is mildly boring. It is enough to understand and to be able to laugh at them for trying  the same thing over and over. That’s called insanity.

What is worrying is these loonies joining ranks and arms in Paris to stand up for free speech and freedom of press. What? Say again? These same loonies who are muzzling everyone in their own countries? You make a joke they don’t like and you end up in prison. You state your opinion on Twitter of Facebook and voila, you are in jail.

So having arrived at the conclusion that the very touching photo on the streets of Paris had nothing to do with freedom of speech then one has to do some critical thinking to figure out what that was all about.

It’s very simple. They are supporting a filthy rag which promotes obscene insults to Muslims and Christians. To use people’s religious beliefs as a means of the Divide and Conquer policy is a very old system of the British Empire. Please understand that the British and American Empire today is one and the same.

Also unfortunate for President Hollande just a day or two prior to this theatrical presentation he said in his speech that he is against the sanctions on Russia. Hmmmm. One just has to imagine the panic in Washington. The EU starting to go against their geo-political agenda.

This affair has nothing whatever to do with any Muslim terrorism. Please do your own due diligence on research to find out who funds the terror groups. All of them. Read John Pilger books, Web of Deceit for example. Once that aspect is clear to you you may be able to start thinking.

After the linked arm bullshit in Paris this rag has now sold around 5 million copies when it once sold only in thousands. With the cover being a direct and overt insult to Muslims. This is a direct indicator of the people’s stupidity.  This so called magazine  is as low a life as we have ever seen in our time.

I am not Charlie. And no one who is still able to think critically should be.

p.s. I am coining the term “World Bleeders” as it is very apt. More so then the ‘ruling elite’ or all the other titles these lunatics have. The whole world is bleeding into their hands.


Sweet dreams, baby.

A farmer mucking out his pigs takes a break and leaning on his pitchfork looks up the hill. He calls to his wife who is nearby feeding the chickens: “Look mother, there seems to be a bit of mud coming down the hill.”  Mother looks up from her chicken feed and says to him: “Well, father we should put the critters in the barn.” The farmer chewing on a ball of tobacco  mulls this over and thinking any hasty action  is too much trouble so continues to chew and spit.  Just about then a landslide the size of Texas covers him, his farm, the town below and everything else.

This is an excellent analogy to where we are right now. I  hear everywhere on the internet that people are waking up and it’s just a matter of time before enough are awake and actually create the critical mass needed for a major paradigm shift.  The people are getting informed!  The awakening is here!  It won’t be long now the people will rise and overthrow the evil elites!  The people are getting enlightened!  Blah-blah and more blah.

I don’t see it, I don’t feel it – it is nowhere in evidence. On the contrary, I would say more and more people are buying into the Matrix and getting brain washed and sucked in.  As long as their favourite brain numbing TV show is on all is well. Even worse no one is complaining. One can well ask how is that possible. Are they all blind and deaf?

Doesn’t anyone see that we are on the road to hell?  We are about to be wiped out. Eradicated. Zapped and whapped.  Chem-trails (aluminium, bohrium and strontium sprayed by jet planes causing respiratory illnesses and Alzheimer’s)  LOOK UP FOR GOD’s SAKE!!! and go to,  biological warfare (ebola) look up Jon Rappaport, vaccinations (mercury) Jon Rappaport, weather modification as a force multiplier, manufactured draughts, floods, hurricanes, hydraulic fracturing (poisoning the water table), see:Fracking Nightmare,   fluoride in drinking water (lower IQ), Fukushima (disaster on a global scale no one talks about), dead oceans, deadly UV radiation due to the chem-trails  destruction of the ozone layer  (cancer, blindness), thousands of chemicals in food and drink, all  cancer causing,  the killing radiation from WiFi, cellphones, SmartMeters,  HAARP installations putting out billions of watts of electricity to alter the weather and cause earth quakes  and give us all cancer, natural cures for all diseases obfuscated and we are offered chemotherapy which kills us but it’s very profitable, anyone who has ever found a successful cure for cancer is sitting in jail or has been threatened to shut-up or destroyed. Just look up one example Mr. Royal R. Rife. And so it goes on. Anyone still feel like sitting in front of the TV and chilling? Good go ahead! But consider the endless US wars, the unlawful wars created for the profit of the industrial military complex  (Eisenhower’s speech 1961) and the AngloAmerican geo-political agenda of The Grand Chessboard.  Suffering civilians and the misery all these wars are causing and also what it’s costing us, the tax payers. Not to say anything what it’s doing to our Karma for funding mass murder. Well? Otherwise we should stop these endless wars. The people have the power. Not the governments. (Govern-ment from Latin: control + mind).

There are some who may say:  This country is going down the drain. Europe has too many immigrants. Food is too expensive. There is too much spying.  America is going to hell in a hand basket.  And again: blah-blah-blah.  Wake up you idiots!!   We passed “1984″ years ago!  We are now in the end-game. If you don’t see it then it’s probably a blessing for you.  Just stand leaning on your pitchfork chewing your cud.

The Marxist agenda and it’s 12 commandments (goals) have  been stunningly successful. Every aspect of it has been put in place. (Look up Frankfurt School).  You can only be this successful when you have unlimited funds  available. Think!  Where do you think the disappearing trillions they stole from us have gone???  Aside from building underground bunkers for the elites to hide out during nuclear fallout (this is a fact, no conspiracy) the secret space programme (conspiracy but no theory)and black projects.  And pray tell where is all the GOLD gone?? Would it have something to do with gold’s anti-gravitational properties?

Just pause right here and consider that you and you and you and me we have been funding our own destruction. The end is truly nigh. Maybe not a physical end but it is a cultural transition (NOTHING to do with culture as we knew it)  into an absolute Hell. Look to the Tower of Babel, the EU in Brussels, you will find the similarity with the painting of Peter Bruegel fascinating. Why should they build their HQ to resemble to Tower of Babel. Do they want to confound our tongues by massive  replacement level immigration perhaps? Or is it just a coincidence?

Why should the dedicated few be so determined to save humanity? The unwashed masses don’t deserve it. They should perish in front of their televisions. They are contributing nothing now and never will. They cannot think. They cannot act. They cannot see. They are not interested.  Walk down any street in any European or American city and what you encounter is less then human. It’s walking upright but by God it is not human. Humanity has been stripped from them.  A person could drop dead and these entities would just step over the body or trip over it as they have their ears and eyes for their smart phones only. They are literally plugged in. Transhumanism accomplished. Just another of the commandments in their  Marxist ideology and Tavistock Institute  accomplished(Freud and other fraudsters’ mind control central).

Dire predictions and warning from the intellectual few are just a waste of time now. No one is listening. We are in the Tower of Babel moment in history and 99% are oblivious to it and worse they don’t want to know.


And after Ebola, the next big thing.

The new virus which has not yet caught the attention of the media due to it’s origin is on it’s way. It is straight out of a TGIF lab deep in the jungles of  Walhala, the  TransFection Womback Tabanid.  Hence WTFWT virus.

This extremely infectious virus is transmitted by thought patterns. It passes the critical thinking brain function and goes straight to the emotional syntax causing shivering and trembling leading to acute fear/panic attacks.

It seems there is no vaccination, as yet, so people will need to stay vigilant and observant to any person exhibiting fear symptoms and keep a safe distance as well as keeping a silence quarantine. It has been observed that if an infected person speaks out his viral fear in words others become immediately infected.

We are keeping our ears to the ground to see how this develops and will keep you informed. There is a rumor regarding a new hospital virus. Bizarre stories are coming out but as yet unsubstantiated. Again will keep you up to speed.

Off to Siberia

I think I will go and live in Siberia with Agathia. She is an elderly Russian woman living in the wilderness of Siberia all on her own. She has been there alone for something like 27 years. They send ethnologists up to investigate and she wrote a letter to all Christians to come to her aid. I don’t see many people taking up the challenge as it really is the wilderness with all the hardships of Siberia and wild animals and other goodies.

But as hard as life up there may be and how challenging to get through the winter and survival in the frozen tundra it pales in comparison to living in Europe. I am sure that in Siberia one could get back in touch with Mother Nature and one’s spiritual side. Observe the changing seasons, watch the animals and birds, live off the land and enjoy true solitude.  Fresh air and hard work, sound sleep. Healthy food, clean water.

What an 180 degree difference to GMO, chemtrails, poisonous vaccinations, radiation, EMF,  criminal banks, psychopath politicians, pedophiles, perverts, replacement immigrations and wars, wars, wars. Screw you Europe, I am off to Siberia.


Flushed and living in the excrement of the New World Order

We are in the end times. No doubt whatsoever. Cultural taboos that have been in place for millennia are being overturned. In Germany now it will be acceptable for siblings to have sexual intercourse.

This is such a blatant debasement of our Western society that if the German Liberals   (Ethics Committee?????????)  accept this they should be “final solutioned”.

This is against God, Nature and Man. I want to throw up.

You will be able to **** the daylights out of your baby sister but you can’t smoke in public.

This is the time when we all need to get down on our knees and pray then get up and rid ourselves of this perversion, be it with violence so be it. It has gone too far.

Quotes for today

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead


“The seven deadly sins:

Wealth without work

Pleasure without conscience

Science without humanity

Knowledge without character

Politics without principle

Commerce without morality

Worship without sacrifice.”

Mahatma Gandhi


“All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.”

John Steinbeck


“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

“He that is not with me is against me”

When people hear these words most think of that genius President Shrubbery uttering them just  post the 9/11 event.  He altered the words somewhat in order not to upset the Bible belt folks, but he was actually under the impression that he is Jesus as he was quoting Matthew 17:30: “He that is not with me is against me”. Well done Georgie! Talk about insane ego and hubris.

That was over a decade ago and just a tip of the iceberg. The insane ego and hubris is so rampant now that it’s “common core”.  What a fraudulent charity. What goes on behind the scenes of this very evil organisation is well worth keeping an eye on. But I digress. What I wish to address is the latest insanity  du jour the NATO conference in Wales. It’s difficult to write about it without throwing up, but I will try.

First one should consider the cost of this conference. And we need to remember that everything is paid by the tax payers, EVERYTHING. Including the all the wars. Next thing to think about is what they did to the town. With the wall and the barriers, the police, the armoured vehicles and so on and so forth. So all this must have cost a pretty penny.  And so many people can’t even afford food.

The new Rasputin said: “it’s obvious that Russia is not a partner of NATO.”  Say what??   I am sure the whole conference will be analysed and discussed but in my opinion there is not much time for that, nor reason. People who at this time in history don’t know about the US and NATO sponsored terrorism, for example the Operation Gladio set up by NATO in cooperation with the CIA, should watch this short video:



The NATO conference should not have been allowed to take place. That is the bottom line. We have the power to stop these people. They have no authority. They are treacherous. They have betrayed their position and the people. Treason is a high crime. So what are they still doing in their offices dictating to us?

We need to apply intellectual self defence. Wake up and start learning. Sheeple won’t do it. Critical thinking will. Individuals need to live in peace and harmony, that’s natural law. Everything else is not rational.  These war mongers are evil and as long as we go along we too are guilty.



Beware, beware, the First of November

When that day rolls around Britain will lose it’s sovereignty and will come under Napoleonic Law. In other words you are guilty till proven innocent. End of British constitution, end of a way of life and a way of thinking. The Queen will sign it away. It’s too upsetting to write too much about it – if you want to find out more go to UK Column. here is a link:

 Of course we don’t have four months to prepare we have less than two. There will be a conference hosted by the UK Column for anyone interested.

In God we Trust


We can’t trust the governments nor the politicians, we can’t trust the banks nor the financial system, we can’t trust the scientists, the medical profession, the educational system, we most certainly cannot trust the media, we can’t trust the huge corporations, we can’t trust the local councils or any other system put over us without our consent, we can’t trust the history books, we can’t trust the military nor the police systems, we can’t trust the Queen, the King, the president, the prime minister or any of their ilk, we can’t trust the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe. These are all systems put into place by the rich and powerful to exploit man. They are so very, very old in their ideology and their narrative is always the same and

But this narrative is now unravelling.

everything has been put into place by an extremely evil elite who wish to own and rule the world by our destruction. They exploit us, use us, experiment on us and are killing us. They have been lying, manipulating and laughing behind the curtain since year dot. These evil elites/oligarchs have always been seeking to keep the people in bondage through ignorance. Just look around and talk to people and you will see how successful they have been. Hence

They have never understood the meaning of being human.

people are asleep and refuse to wake up. They don’t want to know anything, they do not want to exit their matrix where they are mesmerised in front of the TV watching people sleeping on the Big Brother show. This is the perfect example of the concept of the unwashed masses or uninformed hordes. They will be cannon fodder. They don’t want to be informed or educated. The ability to think has been removed. Slaves to the elites, guiney pigs and sacrificial lambs. They are now beyond help. No great loss as they would contribute only chaos and discord. Disharmony of the spirit. At this time we need harmony and accord as

We need to wake the people who still have the faculty of critical thinking intact.

this “civilisation” is going into self destruct. Like others before it. When a society reaches saturation in evil and corruption – it goes down. Every time. Without exception.

It speaks volumes for the arrogance and hence stupidity of the “would be ruling elite”. They learn nothing from history, recent or in high antiquity. All their secret societies digging up ancient artefacts and parchments and creating an ideology based on ancient beliefs does nothing for their stunted IQ. They have to subvert all good in the old teachings to their agendas. They have to make it a Satanic cult of blood sacrifice and necrophilia and pedophilia. Any decent human is revolted. By selling out to Satan or ET or whatever with their occult (hidden) magic rituals they hope to have power and riches beyond understanding and thus remove all decent and beautiful human endeavours of millennia to the trash bin. They despise beauty and integrity and so

We need to create beauty and live with integrity in our hearts.

they are missing completely the truth. Evil is never triumphant. There will be no palm leaves under their ass’s feet as they ride into the city on the hill. Hence they will be destroyed. Their arrogance, ignorance of the truth and evil intentions will destroy them. That is exactly where they are now. It’s also where we are and for fear of repeating myself: we must wake up and take our lives, our destinies, our planet, our sovereignty back. If we don’t act NOW we too will be destroyed. There must be a critical mass to shift this evil. Otherwise….

A good human feels for truth in his heart (solar plexus) and finds it.

 civilisations come and go. Millions of years may pass but another one will appear on this planet. And it will start all over. I hope our collective conscience is not local and it is saved in the ether for the next civilisation’s learning process. Never repeat our mistakes. Repeat our endeavours  in all fields of bettering the human condition. Be vigilant, don’t give your power over to evil;  societies do not need governments nor money (the whore of Babylon, “something out of  nothing” system of enslavement) or any other trappings of the New World Order fascists. People need sunshine and love and our beautiful blue planet will provide the rest. She is willing, we are not. Yet.

We could try, could we not? We must.

What’s left? Well, trust in “God” and ourselves. God can be understood to be the whole cosmos or the planet Earth or however you wish to perceive Her/ Him. I think of God as our beautiful blue planet that has given us everything,  most importantly our life and we have repaid her kindness by rape and plunder.  We stood by and let “them” do it. We are so sorry. Please forgive us.




Dear Al Gore,

After following your career, your speeches, lectures and publications for some time I have decided to come to your aid.  I think you are very confused.  I will not say that you are a hypocrite and king size liar and are doing and saying what you are doing and saying just for financial gain for yourself, as others have said, but I will say that most probably you are muddled.

So this is to enlighten you. Make your work easier. Mind there is no money in it for you but being a caring person who is concerned with humanity and the planet this should not be a concern to you.

Have you ever heard of the hemp plant? No? Well I will tell you a few things about hemp and then you can do some reading up on it in your spare time. There is a lot to read as the hemp is sooooo versatile.

Ok here goes: the hemp plant can be used for almost everything. It is a very environmentally friendly plant.  It can be used to make biodegradable plastic and composite materials, paper, building materials, food, fabrics, rope, clothing, animal and bird food and bedding, water and soil purification also mop up oil spills, weed control (what no Round-Up? Absolutely not)  and here is the big one Al: FUEL. Yes fuel can be manufactured from hemp. Biofuels, biodiesel and alcohol fuel.

Hemp has been around for a long time, as far as we know circa 10,000  years. Mother nature gave us hemp to use. So why are we not? It causes no pollution, none of your silly carbon footprints so where is the problem? Don’t give me that B.S. about cannabis.  You don’t expect anyone to believe that the people who cultivated hemp in the old days were all some sort of crazed drug addicts do you?? No, I didn’t think you thought we are that  stupid.

People just grew it and used it, ate it, wore it, wrote on it and fed it to their cattle. Everyone was happy and there was no talk of carbon tax.  Green tax. Carbon footprint tax. I would be careful if I were you. People are catching on to the climate scam and taxes and they are getting poorer and poorer. Which means they are getting very unhappy. Time to do your stuff. Make them happy. Surprise yourself with altruistic actions. Go out there and tell the truth!


So it’s been classified. Quelle surprise!

Far from sticking to the same old, same old western corporate media propaganda of “Putin did it, Putin did it, Putin did it” now thanks to the internet they have to admit that Putin did nothing so far, unfortunately.

So he did not shoot the Malaysian flight 17 out of the sky. Aha. So who did? Are you hoping to find out. Well good luck with that.  The investigation has been classified. No need to be a genius to think that maybe they want to hide something.

By the way, what happened to Malaysian flight 370? Well it went poof and disappeared. There is so much rubbish coming out with all sorts of conspiracies and theories, bottom line is it went poof.

The European Union (NWO) was a bit reluctant to go ahead with sanctions against Russia even when under pressure from the obamination as they knew they would be shooting themselves in the left so and so.

What better way to bring them around to the American way of thinking about sanctions then to arrange a plane full of Dutch people to be shot down.  And then classify the investigation.

Almost immediately more sanctions were imposed on Russia. And the inevitable happened Mr. Putin has had enough and he imposed his own sanctions which are now destroying the lives of European farmers. Wonderful. The EU bloody asked for it. But who suffers??? THE LITTLE MAN TRYING TO FEED HIS FAMILY.

So as the butterfly flutters his wings on the other side of the globe the avalanche happens. Obama wants sanctions against Russia and hence a Greek farmer starves. Hey, presto.

There you go. We live in an evil, evil place. Please wake up!!!!

We all need to say NO now.

Every day the news from the Ukraine gets worse and worse. I refuse to watch RT any longer.  All the reporting about what has been hit, how many died and “warning” “graphic images” scenes of horrific sights that need not have happened.  The ultimate insult to injury is that the people who started all this are sitting comfortably without any pangs of their conscience.

What are the “anti-government” forces? What government? As far as I am concerned the so called government is unlawful. And yes, we can say that for other governments as well. Any authority of an “elite” over others is against natural law. It is against common law. No one has authority over anyone, unless it’s called what it is: slavery.

Putin could have easily stopped the few thugs in the Ukraine before it flared up into what it is now. Had he done so the West would in all probability not have reacted. They had their knickers in a twist, as indeed they do now, trying hard to find another place where they can cause misery, suffering through war. The Gaze is small potatoes to them. I mean what’s another thousand or so Palestinians? I don’t want to get started on Israel. Listen to for that little gem in our history.

In whose interest is a country completely destroyed.  Memories of Yugoslavia come to mind. Yes, and all the rest. And today’s latest story of 23 Russian army trucks crossing over into the Ukraine. Really? Another hoax? And why can’t the Red Cross get to the people who are living in the heat in basements without water, food and medicines? The contents of the trucks have been checked and rechecked and still they have to wait another week.  This is just too ridiculous, no it’s utter madness.

The two Malaysian flights will never be explained. The events just grabbed the sleeper and ran with him. Fukushima Daiichi? Never a word. The sleeper books a holiday in California.

Along comes the latest attention grabber: Ebola. What is that in aid of?  Make no mistake:  there is an agenda and this stuff comes straight out of a lab. Of course, there is a cure. The elite are vaccinated. Ok. But what are we supposed to overlook while we are yet again put into fear? Step out of the fear and say NO. Step out of the system and say NO.

Whatever the answer, one thing is clear. They, the globalist elite frantically scrambling for a New World Order are losing the plot. This is very clear. Their mental illness is now terminal. May they not rest in peace. May they burn in eternal Hell fire. There they will have the time to go over events where they went wrong. They will have Eternity for regrets.

Everything in the Universe works on the principle of rotation, rotation, rotation. And here as well: what comes around goes around.

We have to regain our humanity, natural law and start over. We must live in knowledge that the true human aristocrat is the person who betters himself through self-discipline and gains wisdom through learning. This corrupt system has to be denied energy = it has to be said NO to. Authority is instrinsically immoral and against natural law. No man can stand over another man unless that man allows it. If a man stands in authority over another man it’s called slavery.


The Age of insane arrogance or: Insanity and Arrogance and Ignorance

Obama said: “We tortured some folks” –  really? that’s it?  Now the slate is clean and all is okey, dokey?

One sees here, personified in this entity, hubris on mega steroids.  It explains, but certainly does not excuse, the horrific wars and outright murders going on in the world of the new elite. The would - be New World Order leaders.  Corporate America the exceptional land. When the leaders are psychopaths stuff happens when the population sleeps.

And it’s “Special Relationship” with the UK. Here is more hubris: the alphabet  broadcasting corporation, that corrupt propaganda machine, is going into India to teach sex education. Yes, you got it right. My reaction was: now I heard it all. India with it’s millennia-old civilization, ancient culture and religious beliefs and the culture that gave us the Kama Sutra (cca 400 B.C.) which is a “guide to virtuous and gracious living that discusses the nature of love, family life and other aspects pertaining to pleasure oriented faculties of human life.” now NEEDS SEX EDUCATION FOR THEIR YOUNG GENERATION.  Yes, truly mind boggling.

But not if you know the agenda. Which is the destruction of the family. The family unit is a threat to the corporate globalists. It is strong, it is invincible. It stands united against outside threats. Small communities are made up of families. Another big threat to the globalists.  Hence they will destroy the heterosexual family. The more perverted the sex practice, the younger the victims the better. Murder, rape and abuse are what the globalist want to promote. Not sex education. Young people don’t need sex education. They need values, morals, integrity which are not teachable. Parents have to set an example the young will want to emulate. This cannot be done with TV or strange talking heads. Children should be brought up close to nature and the Earth,  have respect and love for all creatures and all the Earth gives us and sex education will be the very last thing they will want or need.

The propaganda machine of the corporate elites has had a fantastic success rate in the West in destroying the family. By promoting women’s rights, which brought absolutely nothing good to women, by letting the banksters steal from everyone, by promoting human rights (nothing to do with individual rights),  fathers and mothers are forced to work like slaves and have no time for the family.  Then when the Social Services (truly the SS) come to the house they take your children because you may not have enough time for them. Or they just take them because the State wants them for some perverted reason. Try and get the children back through a corrupt judicial system. You lose. Under this tyranny persons who protect children from abuse end up in jail.

This is a warning to India! Be vigilant! Be on your guard! They destroyed your country and exploited it before and now the corporate cabals with their corrupt and greedy agendas want to do it again! Learn from history and for heaven’s sake protect your children!


Janus the Two Faced or: our dead are better than your dead

The West is at it again, it’s showing it’s hypocrisy without any thought. Ah well, critical thoughts and serious thoughts are a thing of the past. It’s all about self indulgence and gratification. The proper protocols of behaviour our fathers and grandfathers followed are inappropriately emulated to impress.  I don’t know who was impressed by the scenes at the Eindhoven military airport with soldiers carrying the coffins with the remains of the victims of the MH17 plane crash. Or was this to impress the grieving families that the government cares?  Please understand there is not one government that cares about the people among our Western corporate globalist New World Order psychopathic  totalitarian regimes. 

The dead in the Ukraine, Iraq, Libya,  Afghanistan, Syria, Angola,Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chad, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Congo, Dominican Republic, East Timor, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Korea, Laos,Nepal,Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Sudan, Vietnam, Yugoslavia,  and now the Gaza  are lucky to get any burial at all caught in the throes of a war not of their making but direct result of US geopolitical chess games.  No one talks about them and they certainly don’t get a military parade and fanfare in the media.   Dead is dead, sadness for the family is the same whether they die in a plane crash or war. It is just terrible and  WAR IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE.

Estimated number:  20 to 30 million people killed since World War II .    Not to forget the 20 million killed by Stalin. These are holocausts indeed. 

Death of civilisation, 1.0

When I expressed my opinion, on the day of the MH17 tragedy, that what will immediately follow is the blame game and that it will be vicious I did not realise just how vicious it will become.

All western corporate media is following the same party line: “Putin did it.”   No proof. There had been no investigation and the West was not coming out with any satellite pictures, but they (the liars) said the proof is on Twitter. Wow.

All this posturing of the media is like watching a small child with learning disabilities trying to put a square peg in a round hole over and over and expecting it to go in one of these days.

The Murdoch Media thinks if they hit us over and over with the same lies and propaganda eventually it will go into the hole. Well, from what I am hearing and reading no one seems to believe anything the western corporate media is saying. They are on to it.  BBC has lost all credibility. It has been proven over and over that they follow  the explicit  NWO/US propaganda, (read John Pilger)  and now the BBC has been badly tainted by the pedophilia scandals.  British rags are for the unfortunate graduates of the UK council schools.  They would not react if the media told them that  “Obama did it”, they just can’t be bothered either way. Ditto across the Atlantic.

How does one destroy a civilisation? Change the perception, change the thinking, change the morals gnaw at it from the inside until it’s so rotten it implodes upon itself. That’s it. You don’t really need to read all the documents coming out of the Frankfurt School or the Tavistock Institute (funded by the Rockefeller Foundation) the major force behind the formation of NATO,  the Club of Rome (which works closely with  Tavistock  to ‘create propaganda and crisis in order to manipulate the world’s population in a pre-determined direction, towards a collectivist, one world socialistic dictatorship) , think tanks, NGO’s, universities and media outlets which influence public opinion, while breaking down the moral fabric (the concept that pedophilia is just a part of normal human behaviour)  that has held the West together using scientifically-crafted techniques, to understand that the concept is really very simple. 1.0 simple.

Propaganda does it very nicely.  People need to rise as one and say: “Enough”. ” We want the truth.” “We will not pay taxes to morally  corrupt individuals who call themselves politicians and work for a ‘government’ of their own construct for their ends and thereby deem themselves above what they call “the bewildered herd”. This herd is ruled by the manufacture of consent through brain washing propaganda.

Individuality, human imagination and creativity  are their biggest enemy.

We are more able to govern ourselves and make societies which are viable and sustainable. There is just no way anyone could do a worse job of it than what has been done since year dot. Be they  gods,Pharaohs, Emperors, Kings by Divine Right, yeah right!, Presidents, Prime Ministers – they have all failed miserably and joined the dust of their ancestors. So will these lunatics. There is tranquility in that thought!


And so here it is: the vicious and untruthful blame trowing

As expected the British tabloids have jumped into the foray with lies.

It should be dismissed there. The trouble with dismissing it is that that will not stop it. Bringing it to the fore and exposing their lies will. Maybe. If the sheeple wake up.

What’s coming out of the tabloids is nothing but fear mongering and hate mongering. Since we fear what we hate it goes hand in glove.

Hate the Germans, hate the Russians, hate the Commies, hate, hate, hate. Divide and conquer. A very old strategy.

The tabloids print this junk because they know they will get away with it and it makes a lot of money. The government loves it as it’s their approved line of approach, the sheeple swallow it up and feel good about themselves because they can pass a moral judgement sanctified by the tabloids and the government agenda. Everyone is happy.

But not wise, not informed, not objective. Just dumbed down masses thinking the same thoughts. The wrong thought. Too lazy to do the job of research and studying history thus coming to a different conclusion.

Unfortunately for us this tabloid reaction was inevitable. It’s  the reaction of the people that is the indictment of the society that has been created by the globalist elites with their propaganda and mind control manipulation, be it coming from the media, Hollywood, the god-awful modern culture: art, music, books. They have almost succeeded in their Frankfurt School ideology and the  devices for putting it into operation. There is NO reaction from the people. That is the whole idea.

Now it’s really up to each and everyone of us to wake these sheeple up even if it is against their will, takes them out of their comfort zones because otherwise we are toast. Our culture, our heritage, our way of life, our beliefs, moral and spiritual are being systematically destroyed.

Please, please, please turn off the TV and throw out the newspapers. Read books worth reading, do a bit of history research, have a discussion with friends and family, get opinions going and above all do not be afraid to have a different and new thought. Realise that the thoughts you have now are not your own. They all come from a life time of indoctrination by the media. Judge critically your responses to any situation and you will find that you are thinking along the politically correct line which has been fed to you your whole life through. Then change that thought to an original thought that belongs to you and you alone. That is what being human means. Original thought.

Another tragedy, another Malaysian airplane

What a terrible tragedy. Whatever happened, over 300 people are dead. Deepest condolences to the families of the people onboard.

The talk has started, and from now on we will hear accusations, statements, reports and on and on it will go. Blame will fly around viciously.

Let’s see what comes out of this tragedy. The last disappearing airplane just went poof and was gone. It’s really unbelievable.


Owning the Earth

Mass water privatisation across the globe is a crime/war against humanity. The Earth’s water belongs to all, humans as well as animals and plants,  that’s pretty obvious isn’t it?

What about the air we breathe? Ditto? Yes, we take that for granted. As air needs no delivery infrastructure, it’s free.  Except, hang on, the air is being poisoned by multiple means, geoengineering being a big factor. Sensitive individuals have been having trouble breathing for some time. Asthma is on the rise as are other respiratory problems. So could this be leading to a time in the near future when we all have difficulty in getting enough oxygen. My guess is a resounding YES because the corrupt corporations will be selling oxygen, and it won’t be cheap.

Back to water. People have a right to  free water. We have to pay for the infrastructure that delivers it into our sinks and baths but the water should be free. After all those who would charge for it get it free. The moment water is privatised by a corrupt government it belongs to a corporation. The corporation can turn the water off and bring a city, a nation to it’s knees. Hence it’s a weapon.  And it’s a double-edged sword when they put fluoride in it to lower the IQ of the people, which is what fluoride does.

So is food. There is murmuring of a third kind, (one can only assume that such thought processes come from ET) that  FAO  (Food and Agriculture Org. of the UN) will be in charge of the distribution of food when Monsanto et al  get their way and there are no more normal farmers and all agriculture belongs to that Monster where people have to buy new seeds each year. The insanity is so huge that people don’t get it. But believe me folks this is absolutely going on. This, of course,  leads to the question: who will be more worthy to be fed?  The good place to start looking at this is UN  Agenda 21.

There is proof everywhere that the minute something is privatised it goes down the drain.  Therefore it should always be put to the people as a referendum. I do not believe that the people are insane. Only the opportunistic psychopaths we call politicians who are interested in one thing and one thing only. Their own advancement be it  power or money.

The privatisation of the Royal Mail has really touched the hearts of the people.  The Royal Mail was 500 years old and went back to Henry VIII. Even that evil woman, who started all the privatisation in the UK,  shied away from doing anything with the Royal Mail. The people were overwhelmingly opposed to the sale. That is why I cringe when I hear someone mouthing:  “Democratic Society”.    Now the average slave in the UK can’t even afford to send a birthday present to a favourite grandchild. We all know that privatisation means worse services at a greater cost.